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Our Great Room Reveal

Where we spend 99% of our time…

The “Great Room,” aka where we spend 99% of our time turned out to be a breath of fresh air. We took a wall separation down between the living and dining rooms during the renovation and opened up this space to become the great room. The name just stuck and the space feels like the heart of the home. I love enjoying slow mornings on the couch with a cup of matcha, enjoying the view of our backyard. In the spring and summer, I love opening the sliding doors to let all the fresh air and sunlight in. This might be my favorite room in the house because it offers that indoor outdoor living that SoCal is known for. The white airy couch combined with the wooden coffee table, marble side table, and natural textures makes the space feel comforting and inviting. I always feel at peace and ease in this room, which is always the goal when renovating and decorating a space. If you love home content, be sure to check out our kitchen reveal… what space do you want to see next?






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