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My Office Reveal

Or should I say closet?

It’s no surprise that a huge part of my job consists of fashion, so I wanted my office space to incorporate that part of my life as well. So, I turned my office space into not only a designated work space with a desk and chair, but I had a custom built shelf made so I can visibly see some of my favorite pieces in my closet. To be honest, I don’t work in my office as much as I’d like but I get so inspired being in this room that it always helps with my creativity. I also love to film here. Whenever I’m doing a try-on or styling post, I often find myself drawn to this room.



I have a thing for shoes – maybe it’s the Carrie Bradshaw in me – so I knew I wanted a lot of shelving to display my favorite pairs. I also love my handbags – each one is unique and special to me. I have memories attached to each one, and so I love being able to see all my beautiful handbags in one place.



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