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Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Los Angeles.

How did you start blogging?

I started Angel Food Style during my junior year at the University of Southern California. I was majoring in public relations and marketing while interning at several fashion companies in Los Angeles. I wanted to create a space to gather and share fashion and design inspiration, and collect photographs of my favorite outfits. Since I was young, I’ve loved reading magazines. I’d pour over them cover to cover, rip out my favorite editorials and dream about being a part of that world. I saved every favorite page until I had a bookshelf of binders full of photographs. I thought perhaps I’d work as a magazine editor. Angel Food Style became a place to create, edit and share my own content, and I loved every email and comment I received from a girl somewhere else in the world who had discovered it and related to my passion. Producing the website combines my passions: writing, photography and design. I love that my blog serves as an electronic scrapbook of memories; reminding me of places I’ve been and what I wore in each moment.

How did you come up with the name Angel Food Style?

To me, “Angel Food” represents lighthearted luxury that doesn’t take itself too seriously. “Food” to me is playful in the sense that colorful, whimsical fashion feeds me (although I never anticipated how much confusion for a food blog I would encounter!).

Do you have tips for beginning bloggers?

My successes through blogging are the result of trial and error, and I’m still learning everyday. My advice to new bloggers is to post consistently and strive to produce images that are of as high quality as possible. In my opinion, beautiful photography and thoughtful writing make a blog.

What type of camera do you use?

Most of my style posts are taken by a photographer using multiple size lenses. I use a Canon Mark III with a 50 mm lens for other photos.

What are your favorite stores?

I do most shopping online and always have dozens of bookmarks saved on my browser from Net-a-Porter, Matches, Shopbop and Revolve.

For an afternoon of window shopping (or real shopping) in LA, my favorite boutiques are Zimmermann, Elodie K., Violet Grey, ReformationReservoir LA, Principessa, Elyse Walker, Les Pomettes and Curve.

How do you do your makeup?

For daytime makeup, I use a lightweight foundation, a cream blush, a sweep of bronzer across the temples and cheekbones, a brown eyeliner pencil smudged into the lash line and plenty of mascara. I reapply Fresh balm in Petal throughout the day.

For nighttime makeup or blog photographs, I love a neutral eye using this Tarte palette and a thin cateye flick using a liquid liner pen. I curl my lashes and set my makeup with a pressed powder. I either mix a drop of liquid illuminator into my foundation or tap it straight onto the skin at the brow bone and upper cheekbone.

Who does your hair?

Kadi Lee at Goddard & Bragg does my highlights in LA. My natural color is a light wheat tone, so I only do highlights every 4-5 months. I use Christophe Robin shampoo and conditioner and a purple shampoo weekly.  Coconut oil also makes a great hair mask. My favorite hair products are Oribe Dry Texture Spray, Show Beauty Dry Shampoo and Living Proof Split End Mender.

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