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How I Organize My Kitchen

Everything I used to make our kitchen Pinterest worthy…


Can you believe it only took 2.5 years after moving into this house to organize the kitchen?

The pantry “before” was BAD – finding something in there was nearly impossible. I had tried to at least categorize the shelves by snacks, sauces and spices, but no matter what it always ended up blending together and looking chaotic. You know that feeling where looking at a cluttered space just makes your mind feel cluttered? That was how I felt.

So, I knew we had to do something! Hiring Layne Bernstein from Tidy Layne was the best thing we did to restructure the kitchen. If you’re in LA and need an organizer – can’t recommend her enough! She’s funny and lovely, efficient and had smart suggestions for how to organize that I would not have considered.

Adding baskets to the pantry with labels helped de-clutter and also gave the aesthetic look a face lift. Now I actually look forward to cooking and grabbing the spice I need, or turning the little Lazy Susan in there to find an oil (it’s the little things?) I love that all our snacks, pasta jars, bars and grains are all separated into baskets so I know exactly where to find them.

Before organizing, Layne and I measured the spaces and perused Amazon and the Container Store for our supplies. Below is what we bought – but measure your spaces before ordering because most of these baskets, etc come in different sizes.

For the rest of our kitchen drawers, we bought bamboo organizer trays. A silverware organizer is a no-brainer, but I never knew how much I needed a junk drawer organizer! I saved everything I used to my Amazon Storefront as well – hope this helps you with your organization projects!




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