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My Coffee & Matcha Corner

It’s the little things in life…

While revamping and organizing our kitchen (more on this later), I realized the small cabinet above our Brava oven was a bit of a dead space.

It housed some cookbooks, odds and ends, and the electric mixer I never use.  So, it became the perfect little “coffee & matcha corner” station where I keep all of our espresso pods, matcha tins, honey, and teas. This simple little cabinet transformation somehow makes me SO HAPPY in the mornings (organizing the kitchen was life changing in and of itself – see how I did it here) – and it’s not a lie to say I look forward to making my morning drink every night while falling asleep (welcome to your 30’s?).

I’ve linked all the products I bought for my coffee & matcha corner, as well as everything I used to organize my kitchen on My Amazon Storefront for organizing the kitchen.

I bought this temp-controlled frother (in white, to match the kitchen) and Christophe and I joke that it gets used about 400 times a day between our morning coffees, afternoon matchas and even frothing milk for oatmeal. Once you try it, I swear you will not go back to anything else. I love that it’s double serving sized so you can froth two milk servings at once.

If we’re in the mood for drip coffee, this is the coffee maker we use and we set the timer for 6:30am so it’s hot and ready upon strolling in the kitchen (a true luxury). For espresso, we have a Nespresso machine in the cabinet and Christophe figured out how to hide the cords through the back of the cabinet (I did not have a thing to do with this lol).

When guests come over for dinner and drinks, if they’re in the mood for a tea after eating I whip out this industrial sized clear tea bag organizer with tons of options and everyone laughs about how restaurant-quality it looks.

We also used a small woven basket with mason jars to house our Nespresso pods, matcha and honey. Speaking of matcha – I typically use the Ippodo or Pique brands and order them from Amazon subscription so we never run out. I’m a huge matcha fan for its taste and health benefits and usually have one in the afternoon (if I haven’t in the morning). All matchas are definitely not created equal and if you don’t use a high quality brand, you’ll likely be repulsed by it! Many brands hide unhealthy additives, sweeteners and toxins so that’s another reason to splurge on a high quality, metal-tested brand.

I’ve also listed some budget-friendly and incredibly chic ceramic mugs from Amazon below. Leave any questions below or DM me on Instagram – I’ll do a matcha tutorial soon!


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