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My Lake Como Wedding Guest Attire Moodboards

Setting the mood for our Lake Como wedding…

Leading up to the wedding so many of our guests reached out to us with questions about what to wear – so being the (slightly crazy) design obsessed person that I am, I created a moodboard for each of our 3 wedding events’ dress codes and we sent it out in our newsletter! We got lots of feedback that it was super helpful to see the vibe of the days and inspire some sartorial choices (plus get everyone extra excited!), so I thought I’d give you a peek…

To me, dressing for Italy is about joy, color, and drama, and Lake Como especially offers such an elegance and glamour – so I really wanted to encourage our guests to go all out if they wanted to! I was absolutely stunned to see what everyone chose – not to be bias but I think we may have the best dressed guests ever!! I’d love to know – would you do this for your wedding?

Dolce Vita Cocktail

On day one we had our welcome/rehearsal dinner all rolled into one. It was at a really charming restaurant overlooking the lake and the attire was Dolce Vita Cocktail. So, cocktail dresses for girls, coat no tie for men, so I pulled some inspiration from Pinterest. I love the mixture of short and long dresses mixed in with some bright colors. For the guys, I’d go for a light summer suit since our wedding was in September and still quite warm.



Timeless Leisure

On day two we went on guided boat tours of the lake and stopped in the little town of Bellagio to walk around, get gelato and a spritz. So, the attire here was timeless leisure which to me meant elevated casual attire. So, lots of linens, whites and creams. I pulled some images from the film The Talented Mr. Ripley as well as George Clooney on his boat (of course)!



Black Tie Wedding

Our wedding was at a beautiful villa on the lake so the attire was black tie. Needless to say, this was the fanciest event meaning tuxedos for men and long gowns for women. I wanted to show guests that they were more than welcome to wear bright colors if they wanted, but they could also do a classic black dress if they preferred. I felt like these images really pulled the aesthetic together, combining both and making it a true Lake Como wedding.

As I mentioned, I was so impressed with each and every one of our guests! They really went all out and it was amazing seeing everyone dressed to the nines. It meant the world to me to have everyone there on our special day and thrilled that these mood boards helped inspire their attire.

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