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5 Things On My Mind This Week

Another week in my life…

I’m rounding up a few more random thoughts and a weekly dump of what I’m loving lately.

1. I recently went to Violet Bistro in Westwood – if you’re in LA and haven’t been, highly recommend this little courtyard restaurant for a date night or lunch with girlfriends just for the ambiance alone (but food is also excellent – OMG the bread). It’s super tucked away off the street so you wouldn’t even know it’s there, and the area is a bit random (it’s right off Wilshire and near Westwood village). Peep the courtyard in one of my latest Reels.. they also offer cooking classes!

2. Ive gotten some questions in the DMs about what I’m doing for workouts leading up to the wedding. If you haven’t checked out my sculpt workout with Megan Roup, it’s so fun and effective! I’ve been doing her 30 minute Sculpt Society app workouts 1-2x per week, and then an hour long gym workout at my physical therapy place another 1-2x a week with a trainer (which is a more traditional workout with weights, reps, etc). I started doing that for my knee pain and kept it up since I realized how nice it is to work one-on-one with someone – and my insurance covers it which is a huge plus. On the other days, I’ll either do a Melissa Wood Health yoga/Pilates video at home, or a long 3 mile walk around our neighborhood. I love Pilates so much but haven’t been going as much lately – need to weave that in again.

3. The new Saie Beauty cream blushes just arrived in the mail and I unboxed them ten minutes ago – they look beautiful! Can’t wait to try.. will keep you posted on my thoughts. I use the Saie cream bronzer (shade medium) pretty much daily so I have some high expectations.

4. Christophe and I have been reading at night before bed for about 20 minutes every night and I started looking forward to this little period together so much (it’s one of those “together,” but not talking to each other, things lol). It helps me immensely to not look at my phone the last 30 minutes or hour before falling asleep, and reading makes me so drowsy and calm. I ordered this clip-on amber reading light off Amazon and I have to say it’s the MVP.. if you read before bed too, you need this!

5. I just ordered a couple little bags for the wedding trip and clutches for evening and I am here to report that my giant iPhone 14 pro max fits inside absolutely zero of them (this is random – but this list is supposed to be). Does anyone else have this problem?! Are bags getting smaller, or are phones just getting bigger? (this feels like the type of philosophical question Carrie Bradshaw would type across the computer screen as the camera panned to her sitting in the window of her apartment). I guess I’ll just be carrying my phone in my hand all weekend, or leaving it in the room..? (who am I kidding? It’ll be in my hand).


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