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5 Things On My Mind This Week

Random updates & what’s going on right now…

This is a new blog series that I realized was missing and I wanted to share – a weekly round up of what’s going on in my life in real time. From random thoughts and wedding updates, great sales to stalk over the weekend, TV shows I’m into or recipes I’m trying, check back at the end of each week for the list. So without further adieu..

1. We are officially 3 months out from our wedding and I’m slightly panicked to be perfectly honest. Christophe keeps telling me we’re okay on our timeline and our (amazing) local planner has everything under control, but things move… slowly… in Italy and it feels like the bulk of the details are yet to be figured out – tablescapes, floral colors, specific rentals, etc. Basically, how the wedding will visually look, which is all I care about lol. I’ve talked to friends who confirm that they too were planning things up until the very end – I guess it’s just how it goes? I’m really hoping I’ll feel good about where we are come July, so that August isn’t super frantic (we leave for Italy on August 29th, eek!)

2. Speaking of wedding, I have *so* much good wedding content coming your way in June! I’m working on Best Dressed Guests guides, roundups for the best bridal looks, and everything in between. I also plan to share more photos and videos from choosing my wedding dress, including my runner-up options – and I have my actual dress fitting on June 20th which I’ll be filming to share (but after the wedding.. sorry!)

3. I went to Sivan’s launch for her new Lux Unfiltered Beauty Balms and can confirm they are so good. I’ll film a story or Reel using them so you guys can see the shades. I’m lucky that so many of my friends make amazing products – I love supporting them.

4. I’ve been making the same version of a super yummy “leftovers” salad for weekday lunches that I’ve been posting to IG Stories this week – I know a lot of you were into it so brief recipe below (it’s really more of a combining of fridge ingredients than a recipe):

+ Chopped romaine or baby spinach
+ Handful of quinoa (I make a batch for the week)
+ Roasted sweet potatoes (I make it the night before for dinner – these are leftovers!)
+ Chopped red onion
+ Avocado
+ Crumbled feta or goat cheese
+ If I’m feeling like some extra protein, a 7 min hard boiled egg
+ Pumpkin seeds
+ Italian dressing bottled or a simple one like this

5. There are some good Memorial Day sales this weekend! Since all of our gallery wall art arrived with week from Framebridge, I’m on a bit of a home kick with my perusing – I’m checking out the McGee & Co sale (25% off!) and the Lulu & Georgia sale (up to 20% off!)


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