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Thanksgiving at Home

I am gearing up to host our first ever Thanksgiving at home this week!

Considering that we’ve been in this “new” house for 2 years now, we haven’t really hosted many holidays due to our families being spread out – we usually split up holidays and end up running to a couple events in order to see everyone. This year both our parents are in town plus my brothers so we’ll be having a very relaxed dinner and hang out night. Now just need to speed decorate the house since I have yet to do*anything* for holiday decor..

This cute and easy look is from the brand Scoop – does anyone remember the Scoop NYC boutique? I used to love it and would always stop by when in NYC years ago – it carried the best designer labels. Prices were high there so I was super happy to see Scoop now sold at Walmart with under $50 options like these gorg crystal heels. I paired this bodysuit with leather ankle crop pants and the pink heels. Also included a few other Walmart steals worth checking out below – especially the white teddy coat.

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