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Travel Outfit Ideas

When I’m traveling, I like to be comfortable (especially on those long flights) but I also want to look put together. So, here are some of my go-to travel outfits that are not only cozy, but chic as well…

Leather Leggings

I love wearing leather leggings on a travel day because they feel just like regular leggings but look a lot more elevated. I like pairing them with a basic sneaker and a tee. If I’m traveling in the fall or winter time, I’ll throw my coat on over top to keep me warm and save space in my suitcase. In the spring or summer time, I might put on a light sweater over the top (who else is always freezing on airplanes?) so dressing in layers is always best!

Matching Sets

For those super long flights, I’ll opt for a matching knit set like this one from Alo. I recently wore this set while traveling to Park City and it was not only super cozy and warm, but looked put together as well. Since it’s a matching set, it just looks more elevated than a mismatched set. You could also pair a matching legging and sports bra set like this one from Amazon together with a jacket or sweatshirt over top.

Sneakers & Jeans

Sneakers are my favorite shoes to wear while traveling. They are super comfortable and are easy to walk in – plus they keep your feet warm and protected. I don’t mind wearing jeans on a travel day if they have a little more stretch to them, plus they look great paired with sneakers. I’ll opt for this outfit if I don’t have time to go to my room to change before heading to dinner or whatever else I have planned that day.


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