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A Look Back.. and a Look Forward

Anine Bing top, Levi's jeans, Khaite belt, Anita Ko jewelry

Well hello! Wow, so much has changed in a year since I’ve posted on this blog.

I’ve been thinking about how to write this post for a while, but each time I sat down to do it, the words haven’t flowed. A bit of time has passed and it felt like I had to outline something profound to say to welcome you all back, when all I needed to do was start typing.

The last time I blogged, we were all a week into the pandemic and trying to navigate a newfound reality. I was just beginning to renovate the house my boyfriend and I purchased in late 2019 and we hadn’t moved in together yet. Since daily life was on pause and everything was cancelled, I was spending my days figuring out how to pivot my posts and partnerships with brands into at-home content (and make it somewhat interesting confined to four walls), driving to the new house to check on the neverending construction, looking at furniture online with the news quietly buzzing in the background, taking a million walks around the neighborhood (quickly became the highlight and reprieve of the day) and texting with friends about how life had shifted so fast. 

Fast forward to today, August 9th, 2021. I’m typing this now from our couch in the new house, thinking about how much my life has evolved not only in a year, but in the NINE years (!) since I started blogging.. 

You may have noticed that some time ago I changed the name of my website from Angel Food Style to Sophie Allegra and updated it with some simpler, more elegant (I think) branding. It was a bittersweet change that felt past due. I’ll never forget when I came up with the name “Angel Food” during my junior year of college and thought, “that’s it!” not thinking twice when a few friends said, “but isn’t that a bland vanilla cake you find at Ralphs?” “Are people going to think it’s a cooking blog?” To me the name represented the whimsy and joy of fashion and just “fit” where I was in life. I loved it and proudly shared it as I began the journey (cringe word) of “influencing”…  expanding my network, meeting new friends in the Wild West community of “fashion blogging” and eventually, turning my social channels into a job I was so incredibly passionate about. Talking about clothes was only the half of it – I loved the feeling of connecting with other girls online, so much so that I confidently tuned out any negative judgment or comments from naysayers. Looking back I’m amazed that I didn’t let it stop me – if I hadn’t put myself out there like that I’m sure I’d have an entirely different career today. 

Eventually, my blog posts about outfits turned into Instagram stories about life and I started sharing more than just clothes. I began to get comfortable in front of the camera and shared a little more about myself, my relationship and my home life, to a resounding “yes, we want more” from all of you. Especially as video content surged in popularity, “blogging” evolved into a 360 look into a creator’s personal life and I started to share as much as I was comfortable with. I’ll admit it was hard for me – I’m a pretty private person and I can be reserved. But sharing was like flexing a muscle, the more I did it, the more I felt comfortable and wanted to let you all in. 

Eventually, “Angel Food Style” felt like a name I’d outgrown. Instead of renaming this site I decided to use my own name, Sophie Allegra. 

I know there’s a large handful of you that have been following me since the early days of 2013 (for those that remember, my OG blog was very pink, very princess-script, and there were many questionable outfits.. I look back and wonder why in the world I thought platform lace up heels with a mini skirt and luggage-sized tote bag was a good look – seriously, what was I carrying in there?  but hey *it’s all good*). I can’t thank you enough for sticking around until now. It warms my heart to know that I’ve kept this online community of like minded friends for 9+ years who have been a part of my evolution – not only a style evolution but so much more than that, a life evolution. I truly love sharing my life with you and on the days that feel lacking in creativity, I think back to why I started, and how happy and fulfilled it makes me to connect with you all. I know there are so many more special life moments and milestones to come and I can’t wait to share them with you. 

So, it feels like the perfect time to “re-launch” this site and dig a little deeper into the topics I haven’t talked about before. Of course I’ll always share my outfits and favorite products – but I’ll also be expanding into some more personal areas – things you don’t yet know about me, lessons I’ve learned in relationships, and honest thoughts across the board. There’s also SO much I want to share about our home renovation project! Keep me posted on what you’d like to hear from me – and with that, I’ll be back soon. x

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