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Gentle Retinol that Won't Break the Bank

I’ve always known that if you have time on your side (especially while in your 20’s and 30’s), prevention is the best way to approach aging -but I’ve never been so sure as seeing it reflected in other people, good AND bad.

Let me tell you, living in Los Angeles you really get a full spectrum picture of aging! Not to throw anyone under the bus, but it can be pretty startling when someone has neglected the SPF and face cream for many decades and tried to quickly make up for it with a surgical appointment.

Don’t get me wrong –I’m not against that, and I firmly believe we should ALL be doing whatever makes us feel most confident. There’s no judgment from my corner. But I also believe that logging years of consistent good habits is the best way to set the foundation of aging gracefully (should one choose to use injectables or not) and to look like yourself –the smoothest, tightest version of yourself of course. I see that reflected in many women in my life I look up to, who are happy and confident, having taken care of their bodies, minds and souls and haven’t fought the physical aging process but have implemented good habits for years to minimize it.

There’s just no replacement for SPF and good skincare, and retinol is at the top of the list –it’s the magical ingredient dermatologists know can brighten skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and speed up cell turnover for the best skin possible. The earlier you start, the better results you’ll have.

Retinol is one of those things you know you should probably be using, but it seems too complicated to figure it out –do I need a prescription? What brands are good? Does it have to be $150 per bottle? How often to use it? All questions I’ve wondered. I’ve tried it several times, but given up due to my skin peeling and feeling uncomfortably dry. So when Olay reached out asking if I was interested in trying their brand new Retinol24 line, touted as a gentleretinol, I jumped to try it. I’m also sensitive to the fact that you all often ask for affordable skincare recs, so if I loved this line, I was excited to be able to recommend something accessible to all.

I’ve been testing these products for several weeks and am happy to report that my skin looks brighter, feels even and I haven’t broken out –something I was nervous about as some retinols can trigger a breakout. My favorite product has been the Retinol24 Eye Cream, because it both hydrates the delicate undereye area while working hard to prevent fine lines. Eye cream is the one product I never go to bed without –even if I’ve only cleansed and moisturized my face, nothing fancy, I never skip eye cream. In the morning I’ve noticed reduced puffiness and soft skin.

I love the products can be used together or separately, so you can integrate them into your current regime without having to give up anything that’s working for you. At an affordable price, it’s a win-win and something I’ll be using longterm.


Thank you to Olay for partnering with me on this post. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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