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Pearl Hair Accessories For a Lady

Hutch dress, Fleur du Mal trenchcoat, Schutz shoes, pearl hair bobby pins

Last week I got to shoot for a very special brand (can’t wait to share), which called for something different in the hair department.

I tend to stick to what works with my hair for photos – long, loose waves using a big curling iron (yawn). It’s in my comfort zone, tends to look right no matter the outfit, and it’s easy to revive on day two and even three with the help of dry shampoo. I can do it myself in about 15-20 minutes. But for this shoot, I envisioned something more dressed up and retro, so I called in some help from my talented friend and stylist Kiley Fitzgerald (her clients include Olivia Munn and Cara Delevingne, NBD). We did the below look – brushed out Old Hollywood waves, a deep side part and a handful of pearl bobby pins tucked behind the ear. The pins were under $5 from Amazon – can’t beat that.

Speaking of pearl pins – I’m pretty sure I forgot about hair clips from about seventh grade until a couple years ago, but now they’re back in a big way and as elegant as ever. There’s something very feminine and polished about a hair clip – it’s as if it proves you had an extra few minutes to pull your look together.  Hair accessories can do what a red lip can to an otherwise fresh face: instant polish.

Pearl hair accessories are having a moment right now. The key is to find ones that don’t look either too young and childish, or on the other side of the spectrum, too bridal and precious. I like intentionally oversized clips, clips mixed with gold, and a handful of bobby pins criss-crossed. Find some favorites below!

Pearl Clips, Pins & Barrettes

Pearl Headbands

Hutch dress, Fleur du Mal trenchcoat, Schutz shoes, pearl hair bobby pins

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