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Everyday Diamonds

Misha Collection jumpsuit, Tamara Mellon sandals, Thale Blanc bag, Lawless lipstick in "Prince"

My everyday jewelry philosophy has always centered around delicate but unique pieces – jewelry that will elevate even the most basic jeans and tee just as well as a cocktail dress.

I tend to invest in a few high quality jewels and leave them on daily – why not invest in something you’ll wear every single day? I’m all about everyday luxury – I’d prefer splurging on something I’ll love forever and get a ton of wear out of over one piece that only makes it out of the house twice a year. A special everyday piece almost feels like an extended part of your body – it comes with you everywhere and adds style and strength to any look.

I love rose or yellow gold, since it warms up skin so beautifully and pairs with just about anything. I look for pieces that show some personality and strength, but they must be feminine and versatile too. They must strike a good balance between being stylish but not overpowering.

Famed French jeweler Messika is known for their luxurious jewels that exude confidence and energy – and their new Move Addiction collection designed by Gigi Hadid is super bold and unique. Just like their original Move collection, each piece in Gigi’s collection has a diamond that actually moves – it’s hinged in the curve of a safety pin on a little track that moves when tilted from side to side. It adds a rock and roll, cool-girl twist to the typical necklaces and bracelets you see with a center diamond and I love that unexpected element.

Of course they look good alone or stacked (that’s the dream, right?) I’d wear the pavé bracelet alone or mixed with other gold jewels already in my jewelry box. Born from a Parisian jewelry house, the Move Addiction collection feels so in line with that French sense of style we all chase – a bold, cool, chic sense of style that’s also effortless and uncomplicated.

Misha Collection jumpsuit, Tamara Mellon sandals, Thale Blanc bag, Lawless lipstick in “Prince”
Photography by Felicia Lasala

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