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Cuyana Slumber Party

Cuyana pajamas, Loeffler Randall shoes

December is packed full of cocktail events and holiday dinners, and we all know it can get tiring.

When Cuyana asked me to host their first ever winter slumber party, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Cuyana is one of my favorite brands – they make beautiful, high-quality clothing and leather goods (I never travel without my leather travel case, my laptop sleeve, and my car keys are permanently attached to their tassel keychain, to name a few). I loved the idea of a slumber party – girls could show up in comfy lounge sets, play games, snack and drink (popcorn and hot chocolate were on hand) and just relax instead of standing around at yet another cocktail hour.

I invited my favorite blogger friends and had them pick a sleep set to arrive to the boutique in – I chose the short pink set. They also come in grey and are made of deliciously soft and stretchy cotton. I like sleeping in sleeves during the winter (does anyone else get chilly shoulders at night?!) but I don’t love clingy fabric around my legs tangled in my sheets, so this is my ideal set (yes I know I have specific requirements).

Cuyana also makes beautifully soft cashmere pieces like this oversized sweater. Everything is the highest quality at pretty attainable prices, so you can’t go wrong with a gift for yourself or others. The brand’s philosophy is “fewer, better,” meaning they celebrate the idea of having fewer items in your closet that are higher, better quality and will last you a lifetime of wear, instead of a thousand items that don’t bring you joy or will fall apart after a few uses. I love this and personally identify with it completely. I’ve always loved the idea of having fewer special pieces in my closet that carry meaning, instead of countless “things.” The brand is able to produce items that would be over twice the price if marked up by another designer – their $200 leather bags are $500 quality, their $175 sweater is $300 quality, and so on.

These red ruffled slides were the best addition to my pajama look – I am obsessed with them! I received a lot of messages about them – they also come in bubblegum pink. I’ve been wearing them with loose dresses, jeans and tees. The low heel makes them ideal for all-day walking yet so much more polished than your average sandal.

I was lucky enough to have my hair done by the sweet Kiley Fitzgerald for the slumber party night (LA girls, if you need amazing hairstyling, message me for her info). I asked her for loose waves, super soft texture and barely any volume at the top, and to pull back a few pieces into a relaxed braid at the back. Basically, my ideal “slumber party” hair. I loved the way it turned out – braids are the one thing I never do without a little help.

All my attendees were given a few goodies to take home: the spacious weekender bag, their own travel cases and a men’s dopp kit to give to their boyfriends and husbands. The best part was the monogramming. We had a Cuyana rep on hand to add initials to every girls’ pieces. I am a complete sucker for a monogram. It adds a beautiful, personal touch to a gift and makes it unique. I love to give and get monogrammed pieces because it shows that extra bit of thought and love.

If you’re still looking for last minute holiday gifts – I can’t recommend Cuyana enough! I am planning on giving my mom her favorite leather pieces (I gave her the laptop case last year and she loved it) and my dad and boyfriend will be getting dopp kits and weekend bags (hopefully they aren’t reading this).  For Sivan’s 30th birthday I just gave her a monogrammed tassel bag with a silk scarf tied around it. It really is my one-stop shop for gifting – sorry guys if you’re all tired of getting Cuyana gifts from me!

Thanks to all the girls who came out for a night of fun, to Felicia for these cute photos, and to the whole Cuyana team for putting together such a lovely event and entrusting me to represent the brand. Find everything we wore and shopped in the bar below.

Photography by Felicia Lasala
Cuyana pajamas, Loeffler Randall shoes


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