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How to Wear Flares

Fifth Label sweater, Frame jeans, Gucci bag, Eugenia Kim hat, D'Blanc sunglasses

Is it just me…. or are skinny jeans out, and flare jeans in?

I digress – I never particularly care what’s “in” or “out,” because I don’t follow trends, unless I genuinely like the trend on me. I’d rather dress for my body type and preference. However, I’ve been wearing skinny jeans for as long as I can remember, and I can confidently say they’ve always been “the” jean. (Remember when low rise skinny jeans were IT? Then the waistline slower got higher and higher… now, pulling on a pair of low rise skinnies feels weird to me!)

I’ve recently been setting my skinnies aside in favor of a pair of flares. Let me list the pros: 1. Flares create a longer, leaner looking leg because the pant doesn’t stop at the ankle. 2) They’re surprisingly easy to style with blouses and sweaters. 3) They feel “dressier” than a skinny jean – perfect for heels at night. and 4) They give off a cool, relaxed, 70’s vibe (think Chloé, think Rosie Huntington-Whiteley..)

What’s not to love? These dark wash Frame flares are so flattering – they’re a bit more pricy than your average jean but worth every penny to me. The perfect amount of stretch makes them comfy to sit and drive in but they don’t lose their shape. They were about 2 inches (max) too long on me, and I’m a little over 5’6, so they’re great for tall girls and doable for shorter girls too. I paired them with the fiddler cap I can’t stop wearing and a slouchy white sweater. Find my favorite fiddler caps below.

Some tips to keep in mind when dealing with flares:

Invest in a hem.

To get the maximum leg-lengthening effect that flares have to offer, they need to hit the ground exactly. Extra fabric at the bottom will kill the look by making them look too baggy. I took mine to my tailor to chop off a couple inches off the bottom, and it was an easy and cheap fix. Most flares will come a little too long, since brands are trying to cater to all heights – so do not be discouraged if yours aren’t the right length after purchasing.

Heels are a must.

Any other type of jean can be worn with anything – slippers, sneakers, stilettos, sandals… but in my opinion, flares should be worn with a heel. You can’t see flats under the “bell” of the flare much anyway, and the flare just flops around over a flat shoe. A heel (especially a platform heel) paired with flares adds the illusion of height.

Relaxed on top.

Since flares are typically tighter in the legs to offset the extra fabric at the bottom, looser blouses and top create a nice balance. A super tight top paired with tight flares just looks a bit… extra. Keep it cool, casual and sophisticated with a slouchy sweater, a floral blouse, or a loose tee.

What are you thoughts on flares? Would love to know!

Photography by Felicia Lasala
Fifth Label sweater, Frame jeans, Gucci bag, Eugenia Kim hat, D’Blanc sunglasses


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