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Marquis Los Cabos

Red Carter bikini, WAYF dress, Soleil Beach coverup, Nightcap jumpsuit (similar)

This trip marks my third time to Cabo this year, and each was different than the last.

The vibe of a Cabo trip relies heavily on the resort you choose (in my opinion). Of course there are great restaurants in town and other things to do, but by default Cabo is a resort town and you’ll spend the majority of time lounging by the beach or pool. I’ve been to other areas of Mexico recently (Tijuana, Valle de Guadelupe, San Jose) and think there’s more genuine culture to be found in those cities. Cabo is so geared for tourists, you’re best just embracing it, ordering a tropical drink and getting some good R&R – this is the reason to come to this beautiful part of Mexico. Thus, choose your resort wisely!

For this trip, we stayed at the beautiful Marquis Los Cabos, which boats big white-washed arcs upon arrival and multiple pools. The architecture almost has a Grecian vibe to it (and it’s a great Insta-backdrop, must say..) It was my first time staying at an all-inclusive resort, which I really enjoyed. I learned that for group trips in a place like Cabo when you don’t plan to leave your hotel often, going all-inclusive can be a good option. It was nice to order food and drinks without thinking about running up the tab – and the Marquis’ many restaurants and thorough menus did not disappoint. Every meal we had was delicious. They have a sushi restaurant, multiple poolside menus and a picturesque upstairs bar that overlooks the ocean. I was surprised at how many authentically Mexican options were on the breakfast menu – we went for chilaquiles most of the time.

I have to mention the service at this hotel – they staff was always gracious and accommodating and they went above and beyond for us. On the last day, my boyfriend dropped his phone into a crack in the ground by the pool and we thought it was for sure a goner… which isn’t necessarily the worst thing on vacation, although a pain to replace. The space was so small, I couldn’t even get my hand in there. An hour later the pool staff knocked on our door, bag of rice in hand and rescued phone! They also left coffee and Mexican biscuits with our newspaper every morning, something I’ve started to miss waking up at home.

I packed lightly for this trip (for me, anyway) and brought several bikinis (like this braided strap blue one) with coverups to throw over. I love the braided white belt on this striped dress coverup and how easily it converted into cocktail attire after the beach. It’s also on sale – snap it up while you can.

I love to wear bright colors in Mexico – it’s not the time for a simple black dress. I especially go for red lace or off-the-shoulder looks, like this jumpsuit.

My go-to beach bag is by Hat Attack and it’s been to a lot of beach destinations with me – Ibiza, Costa Rica, Mexico, South of France… it’s just so easy to fold and pack into a suitcase and can be worn out during the day as a lightweight summer tote. I love those structured, top handle big beach bags too (with pom poms, writing across the side, or tassels) but they’re enormous and not ideal for travel. I tend to save those for beach days at home (although they are rare) and take slimmer ones abroad that will double duty as a real bag.

After three nights in at the Marquis, we did venture into town for a meal out. If you’re a fan of the popular Flora Farms, you must try Acre – it’s a similar farm to table concept with craft cocktails, gorgeous greenery and live music. It feels far removed from the typical downtown area of Cabo and more of a “secret” than Flora. Think gorgeous outdoor seating in the greenery, tiled floors, cacti. We learned the property hosts weddings and parties often – for good reason. I highly recommend it! After dinner we strolled around the nearby San Jose area for a pitstop at a local bar and taco joint.

Find my yellow dress here.

Another memorable Cabo trip in the books, thanks to the Marquis. Can’t wait to be back in Mexico – and in November, no less!


Photography by Aida Mollenkamp
Red Carter bikini, WAYF dress, Soleil Beach coverup, Nightcap jumpsuit (similar)

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