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Art of the Selfie

Ronny Kobo dress, Schutz heels

There’s an art to taking a beautiful photo by yourself.

I have to be honest, selfies have never been my thing. I realize this is odd as a blogger, but while I’m completely relaxed in front of a real camera when I can’t see myself, it’s a different story to be staring at your reflection. You can’t take it too seriously – just follow a few helpful tips.

Stand near a window and facing the light, always. Backlight is usually only good for professional photos or golden hour. For a good selfie anytime of day, you want as much natural light on your face as possible!

It’s all about the angle of your lens. I’m sure we’ve all hit the camera button on our phones when the camera is accidentally set to front-facing and can agree that the “chin angle,” under your face, is not the best look for anyone!  Hold your phone slightly higher than eye level, and tilt it down slightly for a flattering proportion.

Since selfies are less about clothing and more about showing off your skin and smile, having a bright and even complexion is a must. I’ve partnered with Shiseido to share how their new Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother creates the perfect photo-ready finish. As the day progresses I tend to get a little shiny on the forehead and around the nose, so I’ve been using it on those areas to control excess oil. The best part about it is that you can use it as a primer underneath your makeup, or layer it on top of makeup throughout the day. It reduces shine, reduces the appearance of pores and creates a matte finish that doesn’t look too powdery. The consistency is super lightweight and velvety.

The key to selfies, in my opinion, is to start with even skin so you can avoid falling into a Facetune trap – too much editing is never a good idea. The best photos are more realistic and natural, so go easy on the editing. The Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother is basically a filter in a bottle, so you can skip the filtering and editing after!

Since the focus is on your skin, keep the background simple and bright.

Ronny Kobo dress, Schutz heels
Photography by Betsy Newman


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