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24 Hours in Scottsdale

Rory Beca dress, Schutz shoes, L'Agence jeans, Rag & Bone sneakers

Last Monday I hopped on an 8am flight out of LAX and made it to Scottsdale in time for breakfast.

I hadn’t been to the city in years, so when Experience Scottsdale invited me to jet over for the day I figured, why not! It’s surprisingly close to Los Angeles.  I’m not sure why when I think of “quick” destinations like a 3 hour drive to Santa Barbara, I forget about where you can get in just an hour on a plane. I arrived at 9am in time for a full day with a lovely group of influencers, including my favorite Aida Mollenkamp who writes the food and travel site Salt & Wind.

If you find yourself in Scottsdale, here are my top recommendations:


Fourtillfour was my favorite little coffee pit stop. Quirky vintage details, a bright blue espresso machine and outdoor seating in the grass made for a cute ambiance but my almond latte was as good as they come.

Photos by Aida Mollenkamp

Cruiser Bike Tour:

Rent cruisers and ride around downtown Scottsdale.  The best coffee and juice stops are a few blocks from each other and you can stop at any little stores that catch your eye.

Vintage Shop:

I may know my way around a department store (or Shopbop) like the back of my hand, but vintage shopping is something I’m admittedly inexperienced in but more curious about than ever before. The vintage shopping in LA seems a bit intimidating to me. It also seems expensive – is it just me or do places like Decades and What Goes Around Comes Around sell designer vintage practically as much as buying it new? I think vintage shopping is smaller cities is key – it’s less picked over, you’re more likely to uncover a gem, and then you have token to bring home as special memory to remind you of your travels.

Fashion by Robert Black has a back room full of gorgeous gowns. I tried on a ruffled yellow gown from the 50’s, priced at about $1200, which was on the most expensive side of the spectrum. Most designer dresses were priced below $600. If not to buy, this place is definitely worth a window shop.

My favorite stop was Vintage by Misty, a stylish boutique FULL of vintage dresses and jewelry. This place could easily be in LA, but I’m glad it’s not! Misty herself is there to walk you through the pieces, and finds a lot of stock during her trips to Israel, where her husband is from. She said she’s uncovered great pieces by befriending women, going over to their homes for tea and looking through the treasures. Think Chanel cuffs, Hermes bags, printed scarves and retro rings. I bought a stunning gold Judith Leiber belt from the 70’s for about $140.

Taco Stop:

With pineapple wall paper, a neon pink “Taco” sign and a “Peace, Love & Tequila” lightbox on the wall, Diego Pops is pretty Instagrammable. The food did not disappoint either – go order a Prickly Pear margarita and the Brussel Sprout nachos, which come drizzled with a beet crema and fried egg on top. Really anything is better with a fried egg on top.

Photo by Krista Simmons

Photo by Aida Mollenkamp


I had one of the best massages of my life at the spa at Valley Ho Hotel. The spa is clean, bright but unfussy, so I expected a solid service, but I was pretty blown away by the masseuse and the hot stone technique. It usually takes me 15 minutes to relax and settle into a massage but I was nearly asleep 10 minutes in and felt the positive effects all day long.

Photo by Aida Mollenkamp


Super Chunk is a cute little dessert shop that sells baked goods, sandwiches and gourmet chocolate bars. It’s known for their “mini birthday cakes” covered in sprinkles, which I tried before devouring a blondie-cookie-brownie (all three types melted together into one cookie) in under 10 minutes. So good!

Photo by Aida Mollenkamp

Photo by Aida Mollenkamp

Photo by Aida Mollenkamp

Photo by Aida Mollenkamp

Photo by Aida Mollenkamp

Have you been to any of these places in Scottsdale? I’m curious to hear! Find what I wore below. My black one shoulder dress also comes in a gorgeous red shade.

Rory Beca dress, Schutz shoes, L’Agence jeans, Rag & Bone sneakers

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