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DIY Donut Party

Ramy Brook blouse, L'Agence jeans, Stuart Weitzman boots

Last week I went over to Sivan’s house for a little DIY party and left with a dozen glittery donuts and hand-crafted marble ornaments.

Safe to say this is the craftiest I’ve gotten this holiday season. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting lost in a Pinterest black hole just as much as the next person and I love the idea of making things myself…  but it can seem a little intimidating, and time-consuming. Leave it to Sivan to whip up a batch of homemade donuts and organize an arts and crafts party to remind me how easy DIY can be. Pam, Annie, Belen, Sivan and I spent the afternoon eating, sipping, decorating and chatting and it was the perfect way to cap off the week with friends.

One of my favorite qualities about Sivan is that she genuinely loves to celebrate; whether it’s an all-out party or just having girlfriends over at home. I think having that light hearted attitude about life is so important; so in the spirit of the holiday season I thought I’d pick her brain for some tips on hosting friends at home. Read on for some foolproof tips on easy entertaining.

Q: What are your tips for girls who want to host a get together but keep it simple with prep to a bare minimum?

A: Focus on the most important elements: cocktails, food, activities, and ambiance. The “cuteness” factor will start to happen naturally within each element;  you just have to think outside of the box. For example, when setting up your bar, add cute straws, cocktail napkins with a fun design, or freeze flowers in your ice cubes. The small details are what will stand out. Don’t stress yourself out about things that are purely for décor purposes. Most of the time they will go unnoticed (unfortunately).

Q: I know your donut recipe is top secret, but can you tell us how you stumbled upon it? Any other party treats you recommend?

A: Well, I cannot take full credit for it. My mom is an amazing baker and she combined all my favorite things into one recipe, which is how the “rosé donut” was created. It was definitely more of a trial and error project, but together we have a really efficient system for busting them out. An easy party treat that makes a big statement are chocolate-covered strawberries. There are so many easy meltable chocolate options that it’s basically fool-proof. If you’re feeling extra ambitious add some gold dust to them!

Q: Where do you find crafty DIY ideas?

A: Pinterest is a huge source of inspiration for me, but mostly my crafting ideas come when I can’t find find something I want. Last year I was dying for some marbled ornaments and couldn’t find them anywhere – so I decided to make them!

Q: Any tips for making a home an inviting place for a get together?

A: Always have some champagne or wine chilled. I make sure to light a good candle at least 30 minutes before guests arrive so my house smells really good when they walk in. Music in the background is a must. It just sets the tone; it has such a powerful impact on a social setting.

Q: How do you incorporate celebration into everyday life?

I truly believe that there is always a reason to celebrate life. Even the trivial tasks of everyday life, such as cooking dinner, can and should be fun. Just like when I’m hosting, my house will always be filled with yummy smells and music. Pop a bottle of champagne on a Tuesday it helps you get through your chores. I do, and cleaning has never been more fun.

I wore a black and white blouse with open shoulders and a pretty bow detail at the back by Ramy Brook. I’ve been so into Ramy lately – her line has some gorgeous jewel-toned tops for party season. I paired my top with my favorite high-waisted jeans and suede over the knee boots.

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Ramy Brook blouseL’Agence jeansStuart Weitzman boots
Photography by Felicia Lasala

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