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Fresh Skin

I’m incredibly picky about what I put on my face.

I have good skin, but it’s no accident. Remember those girls you knew in high school or college who could eat junk food at midnight and fall asleep with their makeup on, and they still had baby skin the next morning? (I do). I was not one of them! I’ve been through it all with my skin (breakouts, dryness, redness) and I’ve come out the other side finally realizing that it takes sticking to a routine and using the right products to maintain a clear, bright complexion. And for me, that’s only two-thirds of the puzzle – I also have to drink enough water and get enough sleep.

I’m a combination type: drier in the winter and in cold climates, and a bit oiler in summer and humid climates. I’m fortunate to live in LA where it’s dry and temperate, so my skin lands somewhere in the middle. When I travel, I’m mindful of how the weather will affect my skin and what I need to bring to combat it. I noticed over the holidays that my skin started felt dry and tight, and my normal moisturizer I use in LA was not pulling its weight.

Enter the new BareMinerals skincare line. It’s built around 3 stages: cleanse, empower, and moisturize. What’s unique is its versatility. The line offers cleansers and moisturizes that vary in thickness, texture and ingredients. You can mix and match them based on the season, climate and your skin needs. Say you’re drier in the winter; pair the Oil Obsessed Cleansing Oil with the Butter Drench moisturizer. I’m heading to Costa Rica next week where it’ll be dry and hot, so I’m bringing the Clay Chameleon purifying cleanser with the lightweight True Oasis gel cream.

My favorite part of the BareMinerals skincare line is how luxurious the textures of the products are. They seriously feel amazing! I’m also picky about scents and I love the smells of these products. They smell fresh and subtle. If you try it, let me know your thoughts!

Photography by Valorie Darling
This post was in collaboration with BareMinerals
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