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Styling a Travel Print with Gray Malin

Photography via Gray Malin


Top: Keepsake

Pants: LXE

Gray Malin Monterosso Print from the La Dolce Vita Series

This post is a special one as it combines a few of my favorites things: travel, decor and art. Chances are you’ve already seen a Gray Malin travel print – his iconic birds-eye view beach prints are on everyone’s wish list these days. I met Gray a few months back while celebrating the launch of his new series at the Parker Meridien hotel in Palm Springs, and my obsession with his photography began. His pieces are so easy to love and add happy energy to any room with their vibrant colors and gorgeous scenery. Gray’s own contagious positivity and adventurous personality only makes me love his work even more.

Back in June, I traveled to Cinque Terre, Italy with my boyfriend and we realized that Gray and his husband Jeff were on our exact same day by day itinerary! We both planned to see Vernazza, Monterosso, and Santa Margherita Ligure. Gray was photographing his La Dolce Vita Series there, and it was the first time I’d ever been to this region. I was in a serious Italy coma – enjoying every bite of pesto and pistachio gelato, waking up with the sun ready to explore and never wanting to leave.

Every time I look at this print hanging in my bedroom, it takes me back to this beach, walking down the beach with nowhere to be and nothing to do except enjoy and explore. My boyfriend and I had just hiked from Monterosso to Vernazza in the rain and the day had cleared up into a beautiful afternoon. It makes it extra special knowing that Gray photographed this beach within the same day that my eyes soaked it up.

Fast forward a few months and Gray came over to my house to help me style the photo in my bedroom (and fool around in my shoe closet). We talked about dream decor and how a home should reflect your personality and your travels; where you’ve been and what you’ve collected as memories. I was reminded of how a personal touch can transform a room while watching Gray rearrange my neatly displayed shoe shelves around his Prada Marfa print – leaning the print against the wall, stacking some books under it, turning my shoes to face backward to show off the gold detail on the heels. He’s seriously a professional!

I’m so excited to partner with Gray over the next couple months to share more of his iconic photographs and incorporate them into your (and my) everyday life. I’ll be choosing my favorite few prints from around the globe and showing you how to dress and pack for trips to the destinations! Stay tuned! I hope you enjoyed this peek into my home decor and wardrobe.

**By the way, my closet is NEVER usually this clean.

See more of Gray’s travel prints HERE.

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