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Chantecaille Fall Beauty

Photography by Valorie Darling

Eye Shadow Palette, Lip Color, Gloss, Blush c/o Chantecaille

Chantecaille has always caught my eye while wandering around the makeup department in stores. The brand is known for using natural ingredients and always has beautiful packaging, which tends to be my weakness. Each season, a unique philanthropic collection is released with a design related to the cause pressed into the makeup palettes (my first memory is discovering the butterfly collection years ago.). 

I was excited to try out an eye palette and lip products from Chantecaille’s fall makeup collection, which is based on shades of the wilderness at night and inspired by the alluring wolves that inhabit our forests – think rich, deep jewel tones, the black and grays of silhouetted trees in the forest, and lots of moonlit shimmer. After wearing barely-there nude tones all summer, I’m drawn to some richer tones to go alongside my fall wardrobe.

The fall eye palette has two darker shades and one light. I’ve made a commitment to stop carrying around multiple eye shades and use palettes instead, so it’s nice have a day-to-night option for eye color. The lighter champagne tone is a great daytime shade of base color going into evening. I dust on some of the emerald shade in my crease after sundown and finish with lots of mascara. I’ve been wanting to try an emerald shadow since I have green eyes, but after doing a test run on my girlfriends I think it’s a surprisingly flattering color on all eye colors and a nice alternative to brown.

Chantecaille’s palette this season features eye shades embossed with wolves, and the brand is donating a percentage of the sales to Conservation Northwest, an organization that protects wildlife and preserves the environment. The collection also includes a subtle cheek shade and fall lip tones in easy to wear nude-pink shades. Check it out and let me know how you like it! x

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