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Buxom Cosmetics

Photography by Betsy Newman


Custom Eyeshadow Bar via Sephora

While I love trying new makeup products and amping up my look for nighttime, day-to-day makeup calls for something a bit more subtle. I always go back to a few favorite color tones for my daytime look: taupe, gold and champagne. Problem is: most eyeshadow palettes only have a couple of those! I end up carrying around two full eyeshadow palettes, each with only one color left in it that I like. Cue the heaviest makeup bag ever. Until now I’ve pretty much accepted my routine as status quo (at least I could apply to assist Pat McGrath with my kit) but it becomes a pain while traveling.

Buxom Cosmetics has the best solution: a customizable eyeshadow palette with super easy slide in and slide out eyeshadow pans. You can choose your favorite shades from 40 highly pigmented colors, or try one of their 3 curated palettes (shown above). I did my go-to daytime look with soft neutrals, but the kit has darker shades easy to add on at night. I also like how the shadows are primer infused so that’s one less step you have to worry about. Shop the palettes below!

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