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Summer Hair Ideas with Joico




Photography by Stephen Busken


I recently did a fun photoshoot with The Zoe Report and Joico about the easiest, freshest hairstyles for summer, and I’m so excited to share them with you! These are a few of the shots we took showing some of the steps towards each look: a twisted braid for the airport, textured waves, a braided bun and a beach fishtail. The tutorials will be posted to the Zoe Report this month and the first tutorial is already live here!

Summer is a great time to experiment with a new hairstyle since you’re likely wearing more casual clothes and less makeup – so why not try something special with your hair?  My hair is long and thick and I definitely end up sticking to my go-to look, beach waves, for most of the week.. so I was game to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with the Joico team.

Joico’s artist Eric Mayes is a serious hair magician. I couldn’t believe how fast he whipped up each of these hairstyles on me, and I realized that they’re so much easier to recreate on your own than you might think. We arrived at Rachel Zoe’s studio armed with dozens of products, tools and wardrobe (special thanks to such a great hair and makeup team!) but relied on a few key products to achieve each of these looks:

The Super Shine Glossing Polish adds lightweight shine and hold and was a necessity before we curled my hair for the “going out” textured wave look. It adds a little separation but doesn’t weigh my hair down, which I love (I hate feeling tons of product in my hair). Eric worked a dab of this through my hair before styling it.

Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo is a magic trick. I’ve done a few hair shoots with Joico and it’s funny how often someone will say “where’s the instant refresh?” or “let’s just add some instant refresh first!” It’s clear that this product is well-loved in the Joico family for good reason – who wants to wash their hair everyday or before trying each new look? (Not me). This spray absorbs oil in seconds, leaves zero white residue and makes hairstyles last. A must-have!

Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray: If I didn’t live in LA, where luckily the air is drier than most states, I would be walking around with this in my purse! I use it before hitting the beach and to secure buns and braids. It was a must-have for our beach fishtail look and comes in handy to smooth frizzy hair or flyaways.

Power Spray: This spray can hold any look, and adds extra shine to your hairstyle. Eric used this for every look we did, and no matter how many times he sprayed my hair with it the product never built up (no one likes that hairspray “crunch”). It also protects against humidity!

Check out the Zoe Report tutorials (I’ll be sharing each one!) and give them a go! Thank you to the Rachel Zoe team and Joico for such a fun experience.

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