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Celebrating the Emmys with Ferrari Trento

Acler dress, Prada shoes, Marchesa earrings, Laura Mercier lipstick in "lover"

Every fall when the Emmys comes around in LA, I can’t wait to watch the red carpet.

The dresses, the jewels, the glamour.. what’s not to love? I always thought I’d be an editor or stylist, so my favorite part is watching the red carpet looks come together through the dress, the hair, and the makeup to create a specific vision and tell a unique story. Much like blogging, in a way!

Of course, the next part of the Emmys is the actual show, the films, and the celebration. Back in May, I had the pleasure of meeting the Ferrari Trento team during Cannes Film Festival – the official sparkling wine of the Emmys Awards Season – and learned about their background producing wines from Northern Italy’s Trentino region. When Ferrari asked me to try their delicious brut and get ready with them in celebration of this year’s awards show I jumped at the chance.

Getting ready for a red carpet requires some serious prep work. I did my own makeup here using a trustworthy primer and this gorgeous Hourglass palette. The one thing that is really emphasized from my daytime to evening or “red carpet” makeup look is the use of primers, setting spray and finishing powders. Finishing powders cast such a subtle, lovely “filter” like glow – it’s hard to explain until you try it and see the difference. This is ideal for a red carpet situation where photos will be taken.

The Emmys called for a dress that felt classic and elegant, so I went with this red lace Acler number paired with a matching lip and studded gold shoes. I rarely do my hair in an updo but it felt appropriate for the Emmys; bold and fun. A softly swept-back ponytail with a wrapped elastic, volume at the root and loose texture throughout is my favorite type of pony -way easier to pull off  than slicking your hair back into a tight one. The theme of this year’s Governor’s Ball is “Golden Grandeur,” so this look was on target for both events!

Getting ready is always made better by something sweet, so I threw together a cheese board and popped a bottle of Ferrari’s brut (and accidentally sprayed it all over my walls and carpet.. cheers!) The company produces its sparkling wine from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes from the Trentino region of Northern Italy and it’s been a family business true to its original mountain viticulture since 1902. I learned that the wines are “trentodoc,” meaning that it’s produced from grapes grown at high altitudes using sustainable farming methods – something I thought was pretty cool and in line with the attitude of sustainability practiced here in LA. The company just received it’s organic certification as well.  If you throw an at-home viewing party, Ferrari’s rosé was also delicious!

Red carpet trends and colors come and go but red is always a staple that felt in line with Ferrari’s Italian aesthetic. If you’re looking for something similar to this Acler dress, this lace rose-patterned dress is stunning, as is this tiered ruffle one.

A well-kept secret: Marchesa earrings are perfect for evenings out. These cluster studs were inexpensive but look so chic. The brand also has a pearl cluster earring I love. Find more red carpet approved dresses below. What are your viewing plans for the awards?

Acler dress, Prada shoes, Marchesa earrings, Laura Mercier lipstick
Photography by Betsy Newman

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