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Blue Bells

California Moonrise top, Novella Royale pants, Zimmermann shoesKrystle Knight earrings, Eriness necklace, Adorn Monde necklace, D'Blanc sunglasses

It’s that time of year again… time for outdoor music, dusty sunsets and a carefree spirit.

Festival style has gone through a transformation in the last couple years, favoring simpler and more feminine pieces over your typical decked out in fringe look. Instead of chunky warrior-inspired necklaces, layering a few delicate pieces feels fresher. I think the key is styling a look that feels bohemian but not too trendy and favors comfort.

This off-the-shoulder top shows just enough skin and I love the lace detail on the bells sleeves.

These are my ultimate festival pants. A girlfriend turned me on to Novella Royale a couple years ago and I always check out their new arrivals before heading to Coachella, Outside Lands or any festival. The styles aren’t necessarily what I’d wear day to day, but for a vacation or festival they’re perfect. They’re stretchy, soft, and are so elongating on legs (they make your butt look good too!) I’ve also worn them with sneakers and a sweater on long flights.

I love unique festival style as much as the next girl – but let’s be real. After the Instagrams have been taken all that matters is comfort. It’s also SO nice to have long pants on at a festival if you plan to do anything at all besides stand still in the VIP area. Running around, bumping into people, having drinks spilled on you, getting dirty… all easier to deal with when in comfy pants and not bare skin. The super light cotton keeps you cool during the day but at night your legs aren’t cold for the walk home. Plus, you won’t have a layer of dust and dirt to scrub off that night.

I layered a few necklaces here: my Eriness diamond square necklace that I never take off, a Krystle Knight choker and an Adorn Monde choker.

I have to be honest that I wouldn’t wear a big hat to a festival all day long, not because it doesn’t look amazing (it does) but because I don’t want to deal with taking it on and off and holding it. This blue hat just looked too good with my top to leave out of this shoot!

My new favorite sunglass style is round. I never thought I could pull it off, as round seems to favor smaller, angular faces and I’d consider my face more round as it is. I tried on the famous round Chloé sunnies that everyone loves (with the wire frames, you’ve seen them) and I look like a real-life bug in those, so I passed on the shape. When I tried on these D’Blanc sunnies I realized something – if the sunglasses are round but have a flat top and bottom (instead of the entire shape being circular) they not only work but are super flattering! If you click the link above and look closely you’ll see what I mean.

Which festivals are you heading to this year? I would love to know! Find more festival style below.


California Moonrise top, Novella Royale pants, Zimmermann shoesKrystle Knight earrings, Eriness necklace, Adorn Monde necklace, D’Blanc sunglasses
Photography by Betsy Newman

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